680 repairs causes traffic problems for side streets

Posted at 6:23 PM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 19:23:38-04

Bridge repairs on the I-680 interchange bridge have sent drivers searching for new routes and many of those alternatives are routing people through residential areas.

The bridge repairs began in March when the Nebraska Department of Roads closed of access to 680 except from I-80. They have been working to fix guardrails and re-pave the bridge and are working in six phases.

The intersection of 108th and Center has seen some of the most traffic increase because cars will use 108th to get on 680 from Center.

“During the morning and evening traffic you have problems with people backed up all the way over the top of the hill,” said Joe Fortina, who is an owner of Rockbrook Camera that sits right at the busy intersection.

Fortina said the congestion of cars can be dangerous and he has seen accident after accident.

“I don't count them anymore, but I had three in one day, this one happened Monday, this cone as you can see behind me, there used to be a light pole there and a car rook that out on Monday,” he said.

Cars speeding are also an issue with cars flying through the residential area.

“What I was proposing was to get some signage up here to show them just how fast they are going; this is a 35 mph zone,”

People have problems pulling out of businesses' driveways, but Fortina said he hopes the bridge repairs haven't had too much of an effect on his store.

“Luckily we have enough people who are willing to stay with us on this thing and put up with it.”

NDOR said the bridge repairs should be done by the end of September or early October, weather permitting. The crews are on phase five of the six phases.