7 at Benson High test positive for tuberculosis

Posted at 6:27 PM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 19:27:02-05

After a case of tuberculosis turned up at Benson High School the Douglas County Health Department tests nearly 200 students and staff.

As a result seven people have tested positive for the bacterial infection.

Although those students came back positive, the health department says they are all inactive cases and aren't contagious.

"Most likely the first things the healthcare provider will want to do is an x-ray then potentially put them on antibiotics," said Dr. Adi Pour.

Out of the 193 people tested at Benson High school for tuberculosis seven came back positive.

"These individuals, most likely all of them are not infectious so they can stay in school,” Dr. Pour said.

Dr. Pour says these students probably did not catch tuberculosis from the one person at school.

"Most likely they didn't pick it up from the student, this could have been an exposure from many years ago," Dr. Pour said.

Even with years to come Pour says the tuberculosis will not be passable and those students will not show symptoms.

"As long as the bacteria are sleeping you cannot infect when you have an inactive disease," Dr. Pour said.

The Douglas County Health Department says they will run blood tests again for the infection early next year.