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7 year-old violinist serenades first responders

Posted at 10:31 PM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 23:31:30-04

While most kids visit a fire station to tour the big fire trucks, one La Vista boy went to the Papillion Fire Station to thank first responders for their service.

7-year-old Matthew Murray, a Jonathan McDaniel scholar takes music lessons at the Omaha Conservatory of Music. He started playing music at age four, but Murray's grandmother says what makes him a great musician is 'his passion to play music for others.'

On Wednesday, Murray's grandmother drove him to the fire station, a day after he visited the La Vista Police Department to play a song for officers in the lobby.

"They showed up at they were at the lobby and we tried to get a group of officers together and he said he wanted to play his violin and never really had that before, and from such a little guy so we were just blown away," said LVPD Chief Bob Lausten, who shared a video of Murray playing on social media. "For a kid that is that young and that bright and that articulate, it's a credit to the upbringing that he's had and it's a great feeling."

At the fire station, a couple of firefighters, Lausten and Chief Bill Bowes listened as Murray played several of his favorite songs with his 100-year-old violin. 

"I wanted to thank them because they serve us, they help us, they put out fires, they get into houses and save people, and they also, when people need help - they're always there," said Murray. 

"Most kids want to come, and jump on the trucks, and that's great - we love having kids on the trucks, but to have one come here and play a little concert for us is very unusual and it was a great thing to see," said Bowes.

Murray's grandmother, Christina Lozano said Murray's performance is nothing new. He's performed for nursing homes, neighbors, and some companies. He also plays the electric guitar and keyboard. "He was in the Nutcracker and played a gnome in A Midnight Summer's Dream," said Lozano. "He's very talented."

"I like to play for people because I like to talk to people and make new friends," added Murray, who aspires to become a professional musician. "I want people to remember me as the greatest violinist in the world."

Murray took photos with police officers and firefighters, and even got a tour of some fire trucks. 

"They're my new friends," said Murray. 

Murray was invited back to the police station by Lausten to play for the entire department next week.