8th grader has perfect ACT score in science

Posted at 8:41 PM, Sep 27, 2016
A big day for a Westside Middle schooler who locked in her college plans years before she can enroll in classes.
For Ava Steele, 13, scoring a perfect 36 on a science exam intended for juniors and seniors wanting to go to college, it's a breeze.
"I am an amazing guesser because it was basically educated guessing,” Steele said.
Steele's parents say they've always known their daughter is unusually smart but are surprised at how well she did on her ACT practice run last year.
"It turned out a little better than we expected,” said Joe Steele.
"The extent of her success is always a surprise but that she succeeds is never a surprise," said Ann Gallagher, Ava Steele’s mom. 
Because of her high math and science scores, Steele will have a full ride at any University of Nebraska Lincoln program she wants.
Steele says science and math are natural to her.
"The science test was mostly math and math is one of my best subjects,” Steele said. “Most of it was just logic and educated guessing."
UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green says part of the reason they give the $38,000 scholarship to younger students is to inspire greatness at middle schools across the state.
"She works hard, she studies hard, she applies herself,” Green said. “She puts that intellect together with that. That's talent. That's what the university is all about is attracting that kind of talent." 
Steele is one of three students across the state to get scholarships from UNL for unusually high act scores.
Overall Steele scored 33 out of 36 on her practice ACT with a science score of 36.
Allison Luo, a freshman at Brownell Talbot in Omaha, also received a full scholarship for a high ACT score.