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A big signing day for some Platteview High School athletes

Posted: 10:53 AM, Nov 08, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-09 13:07:49Z
Three Platteview seniors are headed D1
Three Platteview seniors are headed D1

In a high school with about 400 kids, having one athlete go to a Division 1 school is big, but Platteview's Athletic Director says this is huge.

“Having 6’3” athletes and 6’10” basketball players and kids with this kind of talent, they just don’t come through very often.

Platteview Athletic Director Steve Joekel says of the eight letters of intent signed Wednesday, three were for D1 Programs. 

“If it's something in the water then we'll tell people to keep drinking it,” said Joekel.

Brady Heiman is the first in state basketball player to accept a scholarship to the University of Nebraska in more than a decade.

“I talked to Wes Wilkinson who was one of the last people to do it and he said it was just an amazing journey to go through and I think it will be fun,” said Heiman.

“Brady was telling me you used to beat him in basketball,” said AM Anchor Emily Szink.

“Um I still do,” said Payton Brotzki.

Senior guard Payton Brotzki is also staying close to home, she will be attending Creighton. 

“We started going to women's basketball games in like seventh, eighth grade and I was like wow, it would be super cool to play here,” said Brotzki.

Heading east is 6’2” volleyball player Sabrina Starks; she helped transform the Platteview team.  Starks chose the University of Pittsburgh. 

“Being the leader of the team it was great and we can show later on that Platteview can be a great school for volleyball and other sports,” said Starks.

Joekel says this is a major life accomplishment for his student athletes no matter if they are headed to a Division 1 School or a Community College.