A decade later, Jessica O'Grady's body still...

Posted at 4:25 PM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 18:12:29-04

Ten years ago Omaha was stunned by a brutal and mysterious murder.  To this day investigators have not located the body of Jessica O'Grady.

O’Grady's family says they've come to terms that she's gone, but still need answers.

She was a UNO student and just 19-years-old when she made a phone call just before midnight on may 10th 2006, saying she was heading to 120th and Blondo Streets never to be heard from again.  That night O'Grady went to visit Christopher Edwards a boy she had been flirting with.

Though her body has never been found, Christopher Edwards is sentenced to 100 years in prison for murdering O'Grady with a Bangkok Battle Sword.  Large amounts of her blood was found on his bedroom walls and mattress.

Her aunt, Shauna Stanzel, says they still have hope someone will come forward to say where her body is at and she doesn't believe it's a secret only Edwards knows.

"I think people close to him know, I think anyone of those people could come forward and let us know where she's at so that we could give her a proper burial,” Stanzel explained.

In 2012, sheriffs dug up the back patio at Edwards' father's home but didn't find Jessica.

Stanzel says giving her a proper burial and a place for family to pay their respects can still happen a decade later for Jessica.

"You can do that anonymously let somebody know where her remains are, that's the right thing to do. She deserves that, she doesn't deserve anything less," Stanzel added.

In 2015, Douglas County District Judge Russell Derr denied Edwards a new trial.  He's currently being held at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln.