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A first look at the Highlander Development

Posted: 6:42 AM, Jan 26, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-26 13:07:46Z

It was 2015 when non-profit 75 North, Susie Buffett and other community stakeholder first broke ground on the project known as the Highlander Development. 

Now, the area on North 30th Street and Parker is starting to take shape. 

The inaugural class was last Thursday, in one of the five classrooms that offer a variety of different classes.

The theme at the new development is empower. Bright colors and sayings adorn the walls, subtly encouraging anyone who enters. It's all a part of the purpose built highlander community that non-profit North 75 is behind. 

"This traditionally has been a neighborhood that is underserved," Daphne Cook, MCC  North Express' manager, said. "Everybody deserves an opportunity to have services where they live. So you expect to have educational facilities, you expect to have your gym." 

The entire space is 9200 square feet, but this particular corner is going to continue to rotate as different community partners come in to bring activities for others. First up, the Omaha Children's Museum Block Party exhibit.