A large crowd gathered in Benson to see...

Posted at 6:48 PM, Mar 04, 2016

Hillary Clinton may not have physically been in Omaha.

“It’s a custom made action figure that was done in 2007,” said a man holding a Hillary Clinton action figure.

But, Hillary was here in spirit.

“She is a Nebraska supporter, she supports Big Red,” said a man holding a Clinton cut-out.

Hours before the doors opened at the Waiting Room, dozens lined up to secure their spot inside.

“I thought I would go sit in my car and read my Kindle for an hour, but then I saw people lining up and I was like hey I better get out there,” said Hillary Clinton supporter Joyce Sheehan.

The Benson bar and an overflow area were packed tight with Hillary Clinton supporters.

“It’s a nice atmosphere, laid back, yeah I like it a lot,” said Mike Bully.

Former President Bill Clinton was warmly welcomed by about 700 Hillary supporters.

Before even hearing from the former President, many in attendance had their mind make up.

“I’m voting for Hillary because she is a no nonsense candidate,” said Sheehan.

“I like the clarity and the realness of her campaign,” said Mike Ochoa.

“She is probably the most qualified and intelligent person ever to run for president,” said a Hillary Supporter.
Others in the crowd are still undecided.

“It’s too early in the game,” said Bully.

Former President Clinton tried to sway those undecided voters by talking about his wife’s commitment to renewable energy, reducing the cost of a college education, prison reform and growing the economy.

“I especially appreciate him talking about her history when she was the First Lady, even before when she was in law school.  It really backed up the claims that she has been fighting for the people her whole life,” said Hillary Supporter Jason Brown.

The former President and the hundreds in attendance hope 2016 is Hillary’s year.

“I was a Hillary supporter in 2008 and she broke a little bit of the glass ceiling, but now we are going to demolish it,” said Joyce Sheehan.