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A new home for the holidays: little girl from Oklahoma given a second chance in Omaha

Posted at 7:41 AM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 08:43:03-05

“This is my friend.  Mommy is my friend,” said three-year-old Vivian Rich. “Yes, mommy is my friend,” said Anne Rich. 

This bond may not be biological, but it's a connection Anne Rich says is the work of a higher power.

“I heard a quote just this morning that coincidences are god's choice to be anonymous,” said Rich.

Rich, a Transplant Coordinator at Nebraska Medicine is the adoptive mother to a little girl who was given a second chance in Omaha. 

“She was born with Gastroschisis.  So basically all of her intestines were on the outside of her body and they tried to repair that and she just was not recovering very well,” said Rich. 

At six-months-old, Vivian was brought to Nebraska Medicine from Oklahoma for a transplant.  But she had no one here, the baby was in foster care.  The Rich family, who had fostered before and has four biological children of their own, were approached about Vivian.

“Really that first meeting just getting to see her and hold her; I drove away knowing I had just met my daughter,” said Rich. 

Vivian moved into the Rich’s home on Christmas Eve of 2015.  Instantly, she became part of the family.  The adoption was finalized in January of 2017.  This Christmas will be unforgettable. 

“This year she is officially a Rich,” said Anne Rich.

Rich says her family's life is forever changed because they opened their heart and home to a little girl, something she recommends every family consider.

“Even if it's not for a permanent thing, they just need someone to love them for the moment and as adults that is something we can do,” said Rich.