A political sign in Iowa is causing a debate of its own

Posted at 5:02 PM, Sep 12, 2016

In Atlantic, Iowa, there are Trump signs and then there’s Bob Hansen’s Trump sign. 

"It has raised all types of controversy in town, I’m surprised.  Now I guess I’m the bad boy of Atlantic,” said Bob Hansen.

For TV purposes the sign is censored, but Hansen says the real thing will never be covered.

“It just stirs up the neighborhood. But, people drive by and honk and say they like what it says.  They’ve never seen another one like it,” Hansen.

Hansen purchased his sign at a swap meet a few weeks ago.

“I stuck it in the ground and sure enough Monday morning, the city is knocking on the door, saying we got to ask you to take it down,” said Hansen.

After fielding numerous complaints, city council hoped Hansen would comply. 

"Atlantic is a very family friendly community,” said City Administrator John Lund.

When that didn’t happen, City Administrator John Lund began checking if the town was legally allowed to take action. 

“There is nothing that we can do as far as I’m aware,” said Lund. 

The First Amendment Trumps any city ordinance. 

Many are mad the sign has stayed up. 

“It's not a good message, not a good message at all.  It’s disgusting, just plain disgusting,” said one Atlantic resident. 
“Kids are going to see that, it's a bunch of bologna,” said another resident. 

Others don’t mind the sign, including Hansen’s next-door neighbor. 

“If they have a problem with it, that's their problem,” said Hansen’s neighbor.  

Town officials say they hope Hansen comes to his senses.  Hey says it is staying up until November 8th.  

“The hell with them, I am the way I am.  I’ve lived here 23 years, they're not going to run me out and I have the right to voice my opinion,” said Hansen.