A woman saw a man with a gun run into a Dundee gas station; police investigate others across city

Posted at 4:56 PM, Oct 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-04 18:19:37-04

Omaha police are dealing with a string of robberies across the city.

Earlier this week, five armed robberies were reported within 24 hours.

AB's on 50th and Underwood says cameras will be installed outside their business in a response to an armed robbery earlier this week. They're just one of the many businesses trying to deal with this problem.

Kristi Soener witnessed one of many armed robberies across the city this week. She says a man with a gun ran into AB's Monday afternoon.

"He came down the alley, jumping the little curb with his gun out and went into the gas station," Soener said. "We go in there all the time so it was scary."

The robbery at AB's is different than other gas stations and convenience stores that were hit - because most of the holdups happened at night.

Karina Calderon, who lives near one of the robberies, says she purposely doesn't get gas at night.

"If its really late at night I try not to go," Calderon said. "Lets say you want to get gas, might as well be safe and get it in the morning. Its better to prevent stuff like that than coming late at night and then just being there and someone coming up to you and trying to take whatever you have."

Armed robberies have been reported across the city, reaching as far west as 132nd and Maple. Police say they believe one person or group is behind most of them.

Soener says she'll still frequent AB's, but she's going to keep an eye out.

"Dundee is usually a pretty safe place to be so it was just pretty odd to see that," Soener said.

Anyone with information on any of the armed robberies are urged to call Omaha police.