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Adoption Option: Max and Milena at Midlands Humane Society

Posted at 7:11 PM, Mar 30, 2022

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (KMTV) — This week, the Adoption Option is doubled because there are two dogs being highlighted as a bonded pair.

"So, we have Max and Milena and they are a bonded pair," said Kori Nelson, Director of Development & Marketing.

"Their prior owner was not able to keep them in the apartment in which they were living. So, they get brought here and now it's our job, and our responsibility and our hope that we can find them the best forever bonded home that we can," she said.

Midlands is looking for a family that is able to accommodate both dogs in their home. Max and Milena are on the smaller side: one is a corgi mix, and the other is a lab/beagle mix.

"They're not gonna take up a ton of space and you know they are older, so we do have -- they're 8 and 13 age-wise -- so, you know, they're not gonna be crazy busy, jumping dogs in your house. They're gonna be a little more on the more sedate side. So hopefully, there's the right owner out there that can accommodate and really want to bring these two really great breeds into their home," Nelson said.

The pair don’t quite look like other dogs, which is an opportunity for someone looking to adopt a specific breed or have a dog that stands out. Both are said to be good personalities for companions who like to go on walks and play with toys.

"You never know what you're gonna find in a shelter and shelters across the country, they have a wide variety of animals most of the time. Sometimes it is seasonal, sometimes it is [determined by] just what's happening in the environment at the time. But look at these guys, I mean, belly rub extraordinaire," Nelson said.

"These guys, we really do want to keep them together. They lost their other home, we want to keep them with some familiarity among themselves. And they're gonna find their next home and make that together, " she said.

The Midlands Humane Society also has a gala coming up. The 14th Annual MHS Gala will be held on May 13 at the Mid-America Center, and more information will be on their website.

And of course, another way you can support both Max and Milena is to find them a home. They're looking for a forever home, they come as a pair, and they'd a great option for a double Adoption Option.

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