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Adoption Option: Jax the boxer-pitbull mix at Nebraska Humane Society

Posted at 7:01 PM, Apr 06, 2022

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — This week’s Adoption Option is Jax, a four-year-old boxer-pitbull mix that appears to be more boxer than pit. His calmness is an outstanding factor in his personality, and he is very food-motivated, but who isn't?

“Actually [he] is a bit of a food-guarder in the home, so no small kids because kids love to take the bowl away, needs to be fed separately from any other pets in the home. If there is another dog, he'd do better with a female than a male,” said Nebraska Humane Society's Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing, Pam Wiese.

Jax would possible be a good fit in a family that would go on a walk every now and then, but would be a good companion for the couch too.

"He's a great dog that just wants to relax, might be better with no other pets in the home just simply because that way he gets all your attention," Wiese said. You don't have to worry about proctoring him around food or anything like that. He is just a love — the dog walkers love him. Not a lot of pulling."

He is not a majority pitbull so he won't have to wear a muzzle. However, Jax does have a history of seizures, so he is prescribed phenobarbital. Wiese said it is a pretty easy maintenance routine and he is cooperative.

"We've got a lot of dogs, so if people are looking for dogs like Jax, everything from high energy to low, chill, boy we have a lot of options so check out our website and come on in and see 'em," Wiese said.

Be sure to check the NHS website and the availability of pets and let's find Jax a home.

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