Advice after the storm: what you need to know

Posted at 4:55 PM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 18:24:16-04

Many people around the Omaha area are still cleaning up after Tuesday’s storms. How fast, they rebuild and repair, will depend on their insurance coverage.

Downed tree branches still line the sidewalks in Valley days after the storm passed through.

Walking with Valley resident Tammy Teer she examines damage from the storms.

“There was limbs flying everywhere, trees toppling everywhere,” said Valley resident Tammy Teer.

There’s one thing she wished she had before the storm hit, renters insurance.

“I really think it would be a good idea especially since I just lost food which I understand could have been covered,” said Teer.

These are just a few regrets some people said they have after a storm passes.  

State Farm agent Sherman Willis said you should be prepared if you get hit during a storm, “Should look at the property, whether it’s the home or the car do a visual inspection to make sure if they see a branch that might cause damage or if they see some missing siding, missing shingles or broken windows to take note as to what type of damage they see.”

Willis says to take pictures that make the claim process a lot easier. 

“So you have some evidence that the damage actually took place and have some records so if you need send it in as claims that you have a visual representation right then and there,” said Willis.

When a storm hits victims can be easy prey for fraudulent companies to come in and take advantage Willis says to check the better business bureau to make sure they are a legit company.11:49:34

"We strongly recommend they do not allow roofers or any other type of company to actually start work unless they have reviewed the company first, they review the contract they may enter into because sometimes if you enter into a contract you can’t undo it just because you don’t like the company," warned Willis. “We also discourage people from going with companies that say they will take care of your deductible for you because in many state’s that’s illegal and that’s considered insurance fraud."

The earlier the better to file your claim, “When a storm comes hundreds if not thousands of people trying to get work done in the same time and will often times wait in line,” said Willis

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