Alexander Payne's latest film being shot in...

Posted at 5:43 PM, Apr 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-11 19:18:12-04

There’s a buzz about a movie with big time stars being filmed in Omaha this week.

The movie "Downsizing", which recently started production is now being filmed in a few locations in the metro.  Nebraska native, Alexander Payne is the director and screenwriter and it stars Matt Damon.

Monday, crews planted shrubs and set up props and film equipment outside a home near 48th & Douglas Streets.  They'll also reportedly shoot at La Casa Pizzeria at 44th & Leavenworth Streets and at Creighton Preparatory School.  Prep parents and students have been notified that they need to be off the property by 3:15pm on Wednesday and that no after school activities will be held on campus that evening.

Residents on Douglas St. were notified they would be filming Monday and Thursday.

"They've been busy almost every day out here, had a big moving truck and I think they were setting stuff up in that interior,” Nelson described.  "It's great I knew I'd never make it to Hollywood so I'm glad Hollywood's coming to me."

The science fiction movie stars Damon who contemplates shrinking himself to have a better life.  Kristin Wiig, Alec Baldwin, and Christoph Waltz are also reportedly in the film.

Laurie Richards, the Nebraska Film Officer, says it's a double plus when Alexander Payne brings a film crew to Omaha because he’s from the state.

"We're excited to have him here for a small short time but when he's here it certainly means a number of jobs for local crew, a lot of services that get provided for film activity from lodging to catering to car rental, to all kinds of expenses that go into our economy," Richards explained.

Payne's 2013 film "Nebraska" was also shot in parts of the state, and "Election" was shot primarily at Papillion-La Vista High School.

"Downsizing" is set to be released in 2017.