Alleged murderer active on Facebook before...

Posted at 7:21 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 20:21:02-05

Dontevous Loyd is behind bars after a massive manhunt and community outcry to get him off the streets.

"He was a coward for doing that,” said Kesha Ford.

Until early Tuesday morning Dontevous Loyd, the man police say fatally shot 22-year-old Destacia Straughn, her two-year-old daughter Kenacia and critically injured three others was still on the run. 

“Everybody is like scared to come outside,” said Ford.

Neighbors who live near the shooting say they either didn’t sleep or slept somewhere else since the shooting happened late Sunday night. 

"I couldn't sleep, but now I’m glad that he is behind bars it will probably be a restful sleep tonight,” said Ford.

While Loyd was hiding out, his Facebook friends say he was active on social media. 

“I just watched it go down on Facebook last night. I just kind of thought it was sick,” said Allisha Nunn an acquaintance of Loyd. 

Allisha Nunn says she was in disbelief that Loyd had the nerve to update his Facebook status while police had a warrant out for his arrest. 

“I thought that he was doing it for someone to see to maybe get some stripes or something from wherever he is from,” said Nunn.

A little before 5 o’clock Tuesday morning Loyd posted a status that he was going to turn himself in “before I get gunned down.”

“You turned yourself in because you knew they were coming for you because if the police weren't coming for you, people were,” said Delesha Nunn.

A little while later Loyd posted a photo of him posing outside the Douglas County Jail with the caption “I’m here.” 

“He didn't take that picture in front of that jail himself,” said Nunn.

Delesha Nunn says the fact that people helped Loyd hide from police is sickening. 

“I just think that he got enough back up that people weren’t telling on him,” said Nunn.

Nunn says Loyd may be behind bars, but she fears the situation is far from over.  Loyd and some family members of two-year-old Kenacia Straughn are allegedly from rival gangs. 

“Too many people got hurt in this, it's a never ending battle.  It's never going to be over,” said Nunn.

Dontevous Loyd faces 11 felony charges, two include first-degree murder.