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Alt-right promotional cards handed out in Benson

Posted at 11:48 AM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 18:12:23-04

Cards championing white-nationalist views found in Benson over the weekend have neighbors confused and concerned.

The cards, similar to those found downtown in September, state: "In 1950, America was 90% white. It is now 60% white. Will you become a minority in your own country?" and include a url. 

The backside reads: "The land of our fathers belongs to our children. One language. One culture. One people. One nation."

Tracy Haas said the cards were left on her friend's car Saturday night. She says they are a reminder that white supremacists are in Omaha and to take a stand against them.

"My friend and I both work in Benson, and it is 100 percent not tolerated here or in any Benson business," she said.

Business owner Sarah Johnson says all around the neighborhood, signs of inclusion are taped to windows and doors.

"I hope they get zero traction anywhere, but in Benson of all places? Yeah right," Johnson said. "Get out of here with hate. You'll see in signs around Benson everybody is welcome. All religion, all creed, all color all orientations, everything."