American flag destroyed, then anonymously replaced

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 18:21:18-04

“I’m lucky enough to run a home based business here and live in a nice neighborhood, watch my friends and neighbor’s kids grow up.  It's kind of like Mayberry, Benson is like Mayberry,” said Jay Farlee.

Jay Farlee enjoys the fact that on his Benson block patriotism flies high, including right outside his front door. 

“I put it out on the Fourth of July and decided it was staying up,” said Farlee.

For three years Farlee has flown his American flag and never had any issues until last weekend. 

“Got up Saturday morning and thought what the heck.  It was torn and the pole was bent and there were shreds of the flag still on the pole and I couldn't find the flag anywhere,” said Farlee.

Farlee says no overnight storm would have been powerful enough to tear his flag, it had to be a vandal. 

“If you don't like it whatever, but don't tear it down and throw it.  It's not just me, they insulted my dad who fought in WWII, my brother a marine, my nephew, the father of my brother’s wife. 

Upset by the vandalism, Farlee filed a police report then took to Facebook to express his disgust.  A few days later someone sent Farlee a new flag. 

“I came home and I thought the package was something from my mom and there was no address on it so it wasn't from her.  Then I opened it and was like holy cow,” said Farlee. 

It could have been the officers who responded to the call, the local Boy Scouts, or maybe even a Facebook friend.  Whoever it was showed Farlee there is still good out there despite the bad. 

“I hope something I said or someone else said resonates with them,” said Farlee.