American Muslim Institute brings large crowd

Posted at 10:20 PM, Jul 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-09 23:20:05-04

The American Muslim Institute opened its doors Sunday for an open house.

"We all are actually at the core the same with just some different belief systems."

It's a part of the Tri Faith Initiative that brings Jews, Christians and Muslims together on one campus.

"To coexist in a very unique way, where they have their individual place of worship, but they will come together as neighbors."

There's also a Jewish temple and a church that's under construction.

Sunday people gathered at the mosque.

"We needed a presence, a mosque, a community center, a social center that will meet our community needs."

Vice President Karim Khayati says the Muslim population is growing in Omaha, and they needed a mosque similar to what they are accustomed to overseas.

"It connects our heritage.”

“Some of the components you will find in a mosque in the Middle East, Africa or Asia."

The doors opened to nearly 25 hundred people looking for a better understanding of the Islamic faith.

"We know this is what needs to be done and that's why we are going to invest every effort we have."

He says the mission is to drive out fear with love and respect despite any differences in religious beliefs.


"I think our Omaha community has really excelled in actually taking action to show inclusivity."