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Announcement on XL pipeline expected today

Commission will decide on the proposed route
Posted at 6:42 AM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 07:44:46-05

LINCOLN, Neb. (KMTV)   The fate of the Keystone XL Pipeline route through the state will be announced Monday by the Nebraska Public Service Commission.


The five elected commissioners are expected to vote on the 275-mile pipeline route from TransCanada based on the public’s interest.


For months, the divided issue pit arguments against each other over job creation and revenue versus protecting the environment.


The announcement comes on the heels of a major pipeline leak in South Dakota where 210,000 gallons of oil leaked Thursday in Marshall County.


The company said none of the oil leak reached the water system.


Despite the recent incident, the commissioners are not expected to “evaluate safety considerations, including the risk or impact of spills or leaks from the major oil pipeline,” according to the Major Oil Pipeline Siting Act.


Instead, the state regulates the commission will evaluate other components such as whether the pipeline is in agreement with local and state laws; review the economic and social impacts; and if any other utility corridor could be used for the route based on it being feasible and beneficial.


Our content partners at the Omaha World-Herald report, even if the commission votes in favor of TransCanda the project could be delayed due to promised lawsuits and the company revealed it still needs to determine if the project is financially feasible.


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