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Anti-ICE protest held in Omaha

Posted: 2:35 PM, Jul 07, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-07 15:35:11-04

An inti-ICE protest was held outside of the Homeland Security office in Omaha Friday afternoon. 

A family from Lincoln invited other Nebraskan families to join them in Omaha to call for families held by ICE near the border to be released and reunited in the U.S. immediately and for ICE to be abolished.

About 20 people went to the event and held posters and signs. 

Two Homeland Security agents came out and asked for the group to keep on the sidewalk by the parking lot, but didn't speak on the protest. OPD was also present. 

"I wanted to come out here to stand with other families and individuals who have no tolerance in seeing this type of state violence, in particular the separation of children from their families," said Alex Svoboda, who traveled from Lincoln to Omaha for the protest.

Kathy Scurlock and her two children attended the event. Scurlock used to be an ESL teacher for several years and said the thought of her many former students being separated from their families breaks her heart.

"I couldn't imagine if we were just one day separated and couldn't see each other for months or possibly even not hear from each other," said Scurlock. "I know there are laws, but there's also human decency and morals. And I think that should proceed laws right now."

3 News Now reached out to the local Homeland Security office for comment but was referred to the national office.