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Anti-illegal immigration flyers posted in a Papillion neighborhood

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jul 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-15 18:40:48-04

It's a hot button issue around the country...illegal immigration. And now it's even causing divides in a local neighborhood.

According to a Papillion resident new signs have been posted in his neighborhood with a call to action, to report any, and all illegal immigrants. Houses aren't the only new additions to this Papillion neighborhood. Residents noticed signs just like this one taped to light poles popping up Saturday -- saying “USA citizens have a civic duty to report illegal immigrants and the people who hire them.” "I was coming down trying to mow the lawn yesterday and then I saw a sign over there on the pole,” said Papillion resident, Curtis Gable.

The signs first began to appear in the Dundee area, just last week. Gable says he was shocked to see the flyers so close to home. "It's a pretty quiet neighborhood and I know they had a few in Dundee but it just seems like it shouldn't happen around here,” said Gable. Saturday, he counted six within blocks of his home, a day later only one. "I took a picture, and I come inside and showed my wife, and I come back out and I believe the neighbor next door took one off,” said Gable.

He then posted pictures of the flyer to social media and the comment section blew up. "Everyone got really upset...seemed to divide the whole neighborhood they're pretty divided on which side they stand on,” said Gable. He feels the signs were put up to start problems, not solve them. Whoever put them up could have probably talked to their congressman or something like that and made more of an impact than this,” said Gable, "maybe they’re just too scared to say something in person. I don't know."