Apartment fire in Bellevue leaves families homeless

Posted at 9:31 PM, Sep 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-05 22:31:16-04

Bellevue Fire Department said 20-25 people were without homes after a fire early Tuesday at Brent Village Apartments near Galvin Road and 16th Avenue in Bellevue.

People carried out their life possessions in their arms, plastic bags and in luggage. The dose of reality was hard for many like long-time residents Teddy Carino and her husband.

"I was just in my pajamas,” Teddy Carino said. “All I could was grab my blanket. But I'm glad I'm out my husband is out."

The fire sparked around 4 this morning. Investigators said they believe it started on the south end of the building, on the second floor's landing, before travelling up the walls into the ceilings and then to the attic.

While it did not spread to the north end, Ryan Whitmire is thankful for the job first-responders did evacuating the complex.

"He beat on the door — unlocked. Went inside, and woke them up, and got them out,” said Whitmire, talking about the responders on the scene.

Medics rushed one person to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Crews also treated another at the scene.

The scene was unreal for those who used to live on the second floor.

"It moved quickly, I'm guessing, because I heard the 'beep, beep' and then all of sudden it was like, 'Now. Get out now,' " Whitmire said.

And these people did and won't be able to set foot again for a while.

The American Red Cross assisted them, since Bellevue Fire said the complex is uninhabitable due to the fire, smoke and water damage.