Appeals Court blasts Omaha attorney

Appeals Court blasts Omaha attorney
Posted at 12:57 PM, Dec 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 13:57:08-05
An Omaha attorney who was involved in the Anthony Garcia trial is taking some heat from a federal appeals court.
The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals admonished attorney Jeremy Jorgenson for failing to appear for oral arguments in a criminal case on October 25th in Lincoln.  The appeals court says Jorgenson returned the court's Oral Argument Response Form acknowledging the case was on the court's calendar on October 19th, but failed to show up when the case was called.
The court then issued an order directing Jorgenson to show cause for why he should not be disciplined for failing to show up. That response was due on November 10th. On December 2nd, the court says it received Jorgenson's "Regrettably Untimely Response to Order to Show Cause". In response the court replied "if he were a member of the Eighth Circuit's bar, which he is not, his actions would be grounds for suspension of his ability to practice before this court or for disbarment. Should Mr. Jorgenson ever apply for admission to this court's bar, he shall not be permitted to become a member of the bar without the prior review and approval of the Chief Judge of the Eighth Circuit. The clerk will not appoint Mr. Jorgensen under the Criminal Justice Act in any future appeals."
The court also ordered the clerk to forward a copy of it's order, the court's order to show cause, and Jorgenson's untimely response to the clerk of the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska and the Nebraska Counsel for Discipline for possible further disciplinary action.
Jorgenson acted as co-counsel to Robert Motta, Sr. and Robert Motta, Jr. on convicted killer Anthony Garcia's defense team. The Mottas, who are from Chicago, practiced law in Nebraska under Jorgenson's license.