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Areas around 87th and Nicholas to get street improvement

Posted at 1:37 PM, Apr 17, 2018

For decades, residents who live on 87th and Nicholas Streets complained about their deteriorating street. 

But on Tuesday afternoon, the city council voted 7-0 in favor a Street Improvement District for that area which would be a 50-50 cost sharing measure between the city and the homeowners, which concerns some neighbors because it is in a working class neighborhood. 

The project would include, grading, curbing, addressing storm sewerage and paving cement concrete to fix the road.

In order to do that, a majority of homeowners on the street had to sign a petition.

One of those was Jillian Lenagh who has lived in the neighborhood since 2006, "It’s gotten worse, and at the time we didn’t even pay attention to it or notice it but over the years it’s gotten worse."

Lenagh describes how difficult it is to drive on, "You have to go very slow, I mean you should anyways in a residential but you kind of learn which way to go and which way to not drive on."

The City said it has $1.8 million in the budget for SIDs.

Next week the city council will vote on the city's portion to fund the project.