Armed robberies leave gas station clerks across Omaha worried for their safety

Posted at 5:11 PM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 18:12:20-04

A slew of armed robberies across the city this week has store clerks worried more gas stations and convenience stores will be targeted over the weekend.

Omaha police say very few tips have come in from the public in the dozen or so robberies this week. No suspects have been identified or arrested.

Some people across the city have told 3 News Now they're going to avoid going to gas stations at night, as most of the robberies have happened after dark.

Cuming Food Mart manager Sunil Gupta says he's nervous for his safety and those of his employees.

"Just scared you know? And the employees are scared too," Gupta said. "You have to work right? I don't have any higher education for a better job. So i work here. The customers are very friendly."

Gupta says he knows about 90 percent of the customers who come in to shop. Darrell Savage is one of his regulars.

"I don't live too far from here so i stop here quite often," Savage said. "Now, if you would have said somewhere else? I don't go to certain gas stations at nighttime."

Cuming Food Mart has been robbed in years past. Ownership has put some safeguards in place. Bulletproof glass sits between customers and the register.

"We keep the glass closed at the nighttime, and daytime too and in the morning time, too," Gupta said. "It makes it a little bit safe."

Markings on the door help workers tell the height of a suspect to give a better description to police.

Until the suspects of this recent string of robberies are found, all the employees can do is wait and see.

"It's not good for the city," Gupta said. "It's not good for the convenience store. For the people who work, it's bad for them because they have family."