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Arrest made after suspicious package found outside Douglas County Courthouse

Posted at 1:17 PM, Sep 19, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — The Douglas County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) arrested Thomas Trouba, 25, in connection with two suspicious packages that were placed outside the Douglas County Courthouse on Friday afternoon.

At 4:15 p.m, authorities responded to the courthouse after a report of suspicious packages found outside the back doors just east of 18th and Harney St.

The sheriff's office says two USPS boxes were placed side by side on the sidewalk outside the courthouse doors leading to the freight elevators.

Investigators reviewed surveillance cameras and saw Trouba had been in the courthouse earlier in the day.

After conducting his business in the courthouse, Trouba exited the building towards Harney St. As he went down the stairs, he jumped over the railing and pushed over a "no smoking" sign in the Harney St. patio area, according to the DCSO.

Trouba then walked to a black Acura RDX SUV parked on 18th St that was faced the wrong way in a construction zone.

Authorities say Trouba stopped his vehicle in the middle of the intersection of 18th and Harney, then pulled his vehicle eastbound onto Harney St where he pulled up to the service entrance courthouse doors.

At that location around 2 p.m., Trouba removed two boxes from the back seat and set them side by side on the sidewalk near the courthouse and drove away.

The sheriff's office says the packages were placed in a way that would seem suspicious and threatening due to being close to an entrance of a public facility.

Once the packages were discovered by courthouse deputies, the courthouse and City County Building were evacuated out of an abundance of caution. Surrounding streets were also shut down.

A bomb squad later arrived and used an explosive charge to render the packages safe. No explosive devices were found, the sheriff's office says.

Using information about Trouba's movements at the courthouse earlier in the day, deputies were able to talk with personnel working and identified Trouba as a likely suspect.

Investigators also researched vehicles owned by Trouba and determined he owned a black 2020 Acura RDX. Additionally, investigators learned that Trouba had been at a County Court date to resolve a traffic matter that afternoon.

Authorities communicated with Trouba's attorney and advised him that Trouba would be arrested for the hoax but investigators were unable to coordinate the arrest with his attorney.

Investigators began surveillance of Trouba's house. The DCSO says a male who looked like Trouba backed a silver F150 registered to Trouba into the home's driveway.

A DCSO investigator followed the truck and saw it was pulled into a commercial lot near 133rd and W. Center. The investigator believed the truck's driver was possibly the bomb threat suspect and requested assistance from a patrol unit.

A deputy made contact with the driver of the truck after he pulled over and exited the vehicle. The sheriff's office says the deputy quickly determined the driver was Trouba and placed him into custody.

An inventory of Trouba's vehicle revealed approximately 232 lbs of suspected marijuana and at least 12 lbs of suspected THC wax. Authorities also discovered a large amount of money which totaled $414,978.

Investigators obtained a search warrant on Trouba's residence where at least 2,000 grams of suspected THC wax, 227 grams of MDMA and approximately 181 grams of suspected marijuana.

Scales for weighing narcotics were also discovered in the home, according to the sheriff's office.

None of the packages of narcotics had an affixed tax stamp.

More money was found in the home, totaling $16,850.

Trouba was arrested for Felony - Threaten Explosive Use/Place False Bomb Misd- Obstruct government operations Felony- (4 counts) Controlled substance, possess Felony- (2 counts) Controlled substance- Poss Money while Manufacturing, Distributing Felony- (2 counts) Controlled Substance- Fail to Affix Tax Stamp Felony- Marijuana: Delivery, Manufacturing, Distribution, Poss with Intent to Deliver.