Arrest made in 2012 cold case

Posted at 5:35 PM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-27 18:35:49-05

A 2012 case that went cold heated up last week with Shanna Golyar's arrest.

Her attorney James Martin Davis says investigators don't have enough facts.

"All you have is a theory, because this lady is missing my client is involved with her murder or her disappearance."

"We wouldn't have filed the charge of murder unless we have facts and evidence to back it up.

Davis says, Cari Farver and Golyar were involved with the same man at the time of Farver's disappearance.

He says investigators are using that to link the suspect to Farver.

"You can't convict somebody or hold them for a great period of time based on a theory; you can only do it on evidence, facts and circumstances."

Assistant County Attorney Brenda Beadle says weeks after Farver disappeared her car was found in Omaha with Golyar's DNA in it.

"What came out in court today just for purpose of bond is there is some DNA evidence that comes back to the victim from her vehicle, and there is a lot of computer and text message evidence that will tie the defendant to the case."

A judge set Goylar's bond at five million dollars something Beadle says is rare for a person charged with first degree murder.

Since judges usually don't allow bond.

The judge doesn't know all the facts; the judge doesn't know many facts at all."

Davis says he believes the judge allowed bond due to lack of evidence.

"How can you charge somebody with first degree murder when you don't have proof of death, you don't have a body, you don't have any murder weapons, and you don't have any eye witnesses or confessions?"

Golyar is due back in court for a preliminary hearing January 18th.