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Arrests bring peace of mind to Sarpy County family attacked on 4th of July

Posted at 7:17 PM, Jul 20, 2022

OMAHA, Neb (KMTV) — Just a little over two weeks ago Jeff O’Brien and his family were in their driveway enjoying some Fourth of July fireworks when they were attacked by a group firing Roman candles and bottle rockets.

“What they did was malicious, to the extent they were out to do physical damage, severe physical damage to people," said O'Brien.

When Jeff and his son were also jumped by the group when they tried to intervene.

The injuries from the attacks still haven’t healed and Brien said until Wednesday the psychological scars hadn’t either.

“For a long time, all of us, have had our heads on looking every which way. You kind of lose your security. You are looking and making sure and watching your surroundings a lot more than I would normally do in any given time,” said O’Brien.

Wednesday morning, after receiving around a dozen different tips from community members the Sarpy County Sheriff’s office tracked down who they believed were responsible for the attack.

“About 6 a.m. this morning, with the assistance of the Omaha Police Department we arrested three people,” said Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis.

Police say they arrested three adult suspects, including a mother and son, as well as two younger individuals. All five are facing felony charges.

Police say they still haven’t determined why the O’Briens were assaulted and haven’t found any connection between the two families but they said the community tips were critical in making the arrests.

For the O’Briens the arrests have brought some peace of mind and a new appreciation for their community.

“People that sent it tips, called, spent the time that’s what made it happen. That's the best part about it, to every one of them thank you,” said O’Brien.

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