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Attorneys prepare for Boswell trial, file motions

bailey boswell in court
Posted at 5:29 PM, Jul 31, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) -- — Prosecutors are preparing to take Bailey Boswell to trial in the death and disappearance of Sydney Loofe.

Weeks after Aubrey Trail was convicted in the murder of Sydney Loofe, Bailey Boswell's attorneys file motions to have evidence thrown out.

She's accused of luring the Loofe, 24, to her Wilber apartment, killing her, and cutting her up into 14 pieces.

The defense wants gruesome crime photos and talks of witchcraft and occults banned. They also don't want sex toys that Boswell and Trail owned shown to jurors.

Defense Attorney Randy Paragas doesn't represent Boswell but says it's part of the strategy to keep the jurors from being shocked by that evidence.

"Those are the types of motions that keep out things that tend to enflame the jury and to prejudice the jury because they're so out of the ordinary. Some of those things these jurors would gasp when they saw them,” Paragas described.

Boswell's defense has also asked for a change of venue because of the exposure of Trail's trial this month.

Paragas anticipates the judge may grant it, and suggests it be moved to western Nebraska since thousands around here have seen what trail did to himself.

“Simply because this case has been so sensationalized by the antics of Mr. Trail and that's the type of thing that your viewers latch onto and you don't forget those type of things because they are so out of the norm," Paragas explained.

Boswell’s trial is scheduled to begin in October. Judge Vicky Johnson hasn’t ruled on the Change of Venue or Limine motions yet.