Atty: Woman stabbed, body burned before 2012 disappearance

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 21:44:27-05

The Douglas Co. Attorney’s Office details how they believe an Iowa woman was brutally murdered in Omaha after being reported missing in 2012.

Prosecutors say Shana Golyar, 41, killed Cari Farver, 37, and robbed her of her relationship, material items, and tried to take her job.

Judge Craig McDermott finds enough evidence to move Golyar to trial for first degree murder in Douglas Co. District Court on Wednesday.

Farver was last seen at her boyfriend's apartment in November 2012 near West Corporation, where she worked.

Investigators say Golyar pretended to be someone else confessing to the killing in a 2016 email saying Farver was murdered in her own SUV, her body was burned, and dumped in the trash.  The vehicle was allegedly cleaned and left at her boyfriend’s apartment complex.  It was found more than a month later.  Farver’s phone was pinged about ½ a mile from Golyar’s home after her disappearance.  Authorities believe Golyar burned Farver’s body in a burn barrel in the backyard of her Omaha home.

Golyar’s attorney, James Martin Davis, says there's no evidence a murder was even committed.

“We don’t have a body, we don’t have an autopsy, we don’t have a murder weapon, we don’t have any eye witnesses saying she stabbed her, shot her, beat this lady.  We don’t have any medical evidence of the blood saying the victim died,” Davis explained.

Prosecutors say Golyar sent Farver's boss a text saying she quit and to hire Golyar the day before she was reported missing.

When they go back and search Farver's SUV years after she went missing police find a significant amount of blood in the passenger seat that doesn't exclude Cari.  Davis says the blood doesn't prove that Farver's dead.

Davis asked to have Golyar's bond reduced from 10% of $5 million, but Judge McDermott denied that request.  She has not been assigned a district judge for trial, yet.