AUDIO: 911 calls for Old Market explosion, fire

Posted at 2:26 PM, Jan 11, 2016

On Monday, officials released the audio for four of the first calls made to 911 to report an explosion and fire at M's Pub on Saturday.

You can listen to each call in the player above.

First call

911: 911, do you need police, fire or medical?

Caller: A fire, M’s Pub downtown.

911: OK, stay on the line. I’m going to add Fire. Don’t hang up. Just have the location ready when they pick up, OK?

911: Fire and Rescue

Caller: Hi, there’s a fire at M’s Pub restaurant on 11th Street in the Old Market. There was a big explosion.

911: What is on fire?

Caller: A restaurant

911: What’s the address?

Caller: It is on 11th Street between Harney and Farnam.

911: What is the name of the restaurant?

Caller: M’s Pub

911: Ends Pub? End?

Caller: M as in Mary.

911: OK, got it. And you heard a big - Do you see flames?

Caller: Yes. Big, big flames.

911: You see big flames? All right, we’re on our way.

Second call

911: 911, do you need police, fire, medical?

Caller: Fire, please.

911: OK, is this for M’s Pub, by any chance?

Caller: Yes

911: OK, we do have someone speaking to fire and rescue now. Is someone ill or having a seizure or something?

Caller: We just had an explosion.

911: I’m sorry.

Caller: We just had an explosion here. We had a natural gas odor, I believe.

911: OK, do we have an injured person?

Caller: I believe there is going to be, yes.

911: OK, are you injured? Are you with the injured person?

Caller: [unintelligible]

911: OK, we do have them on the way sir. And you’re at [redacted], correct?

Caller: Yeah

911: OK

Third call

911: Fire or medical?

Caller: Fire

911: Stay on the line, do not hang up.

911: Fire and rescue

Caller: Hi, there was a fire and explosion at M’s Pub, down in the Old Market.

911: What’s the exact address? From where you are, where is it? I’ve got 417 S. 11th.

Caller: We are right across the street from M’s Pub. I’m trying to find the exact address. 422 S. 11th Street.

911: Is anything on fire?

Caller: Yes, there is a fire outside the restaurant.

911: Not inside the restaurant, though?

Caller: Well, the glass blew out. But I don’t know about inside the restaurant. I’m just seeing it…[Background voice: M’s Pub is 422 S. 11]

911: Do you know if anybody was inside the building?

Caller: I do not know. I know that the apartments next door vacated. Everyone is outside or coming outside. I do not know about the restaurant itself.

911: OK, all right. We’ll be right there, OK?

Caller: Thank you so much.

911: Thank you, bye.

Caller: Bye.

Fourth call

911: 911, do you need police, fire or medical?

Caller: There was just an explosion at M’s Pub and it’s a huge explosion. There’s a fire at M’s Pub in the Old Market.

911: Yep, somebody - there’s somebody talking to rescue right now, OK?

Caller: Ok, thank you.