Old Market businesses remain positive

Posted at 6:22 PM, Feb 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-10 19:22:16-05

Crews began tearing down the awning around the Mercer building on Wednesday.


The awning has been weighted down by snow and ice. Warmer temperatures have melted the ice, and crews were finally able to take the next steps towards reopening a section of the Old Market.


Some business owners are worried about the lack of foot traffic. Others, are staying positive.


"We've always been one of the number one tourist attractions in the state, and that's not going to change," said Troy Davis, the President of the Old Market Business Association.


The group meets monthly to discuss the happenings in their district. This month's meeting was about staying positive.


"11th and Howard is the heart of our district, the heart of our neighborhood,” Davis said, “we experienced a heart attack, and we lost a quarter of our heart in that tramatic event."


Some businesses are acknowledging that the weather is making an impact on foot traffic.


Kevin Dormer, an assistant manager at Spaghetti Works in the Old Market, said the month of Feburary is typically a slower month for the restaurant.


"It worried us to begin without I think it all kind of evened out once we took a look at how we did last year is what we're doing now," Dormer said.


 Officials say it's going to take time for the area to go back to normal, but progress is coming.