Backpack of ammo found near Bellevue...

Posted at 6:15 PM, Dec 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 19:15:12-05

A stunning discovery at a Bellevue elementary school.  More than one hundred rounds of ammunition near the parking lot at Bellaire Elementary.

Bellevue Police got the call about a suspicious backpack at 12:30pm Thursday.  A school employee found the backpack underneath some tree branches near the school's parking lot.  That parking lot backs up to Offutt Air Force Base.

Police discovered 107 rounds of various ammunition including shotgun slugs, and three different calibers of bullets.  The school informed parents about the suspicious backpack on Thursday.

“That’s very concerning when you have two children and you have to worry about people wanting to harm children and stuff like that these days.  That’s a sad case that’s sad,” said Duane McGee a Bellaire Elem. Parent.

The police department says that no children or staff was in any danger, and the school says safety was their biggest priority.

Bellevue police says the ammunition raises a concern but there was no immediate danger because the ammunition was weathered, rusty, and frozen.  They believe it was there for a long time.

BPD Chief Mark Elbert they're trying to find out who it belongs to, but right now they aren't sure what the owner of the backpack's intentions were.

“It would be difficult to say. It could be anything from somebody that completely discarded something in the most weird place, it could be from a car that was broken into and somebody dropped it, it could be that somebody had ill intent and they left it there,” Chief Elbert explained. Really at this point there isn’t anything at this point that would kind of point us in one direction or the other on that right now.”

There were no weapons or explosives found in the bag.

Authorities say if you see something suspicious call your local police.