Bellevue City Council votes to remove Dan Berlowitz from office

He has been on leave since dental office scuffle
Posted at 7:26 PM, Aug 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-22 23:31:12-04

The Bellevue City Council voted unanimously to remove Dan Berlowitz as City Administrator during their meeting on Monday night.

Berlowitz has been on leave for a couple months-after a scuffle in a dental office.

There is a surveillance video of the June 21st incident at doctor Allen Smith's dental office.

When authorities say Berlowitz was agitated, threatening and even refused to leave.

Smith said Berlowitz's wife had been employed at the dental office until recently at that point. Smith said Berlowitz was there on city and personal business.

After the city council decision, Sanders said the recommendation to remove Berlowitz from office had to be done to ensure public trust in their local government.

"It's very hard on me, it's hard on everyone that was in the room tonight as well, we've worked very hard and it's especially hard when we see some of the benefits we have a conference center, it was sweet sorrow because Dan was not there to see the fruit of his labor," said Sanders.

Sarpy county officials said Berlowitz was cited for three misdemeanors after the incident-third degree assault, second degree trespass and disturbing the peace. 

Mayor Sanders said she will now look for an interim city administrator for the remaining two years during her term.