Bellevue community rebuilds after June tornado

Posted at 9:05 PM, Aug 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-08 22:05:39-04

Dumpsters are not an uncommon sight in neighborhoods near 36th Street near Schneekloth Road.

Some residents, like Carroll Ramsell, say they can finally see an end in sight to the work in progress.

Ramsell’s entire living room wall was taken out during the June 16 tornado.

"The windows, the roof — like I said — the gutters. Inside, we lost our dining room and kitchen furniture," she said.

And they’ve gone through five Dumpsters, but they’re seeing major improvements.

Electricity was restored to the living room, and their permanent wall was put up 10 days ago. They also have a new roof, gutters, a garage door, and a fence.

Ramsell said about half the repairs are done.

"Everybody's busy — the companies are busy, too,” she said. “We have a contractor that have done a great job, la hood construction, but people are busy and they're spread out all over the place so it's kind of slow going."

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage was caused to homes and structures by the EF-1 tornado.

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Contractors like those at Int-Ex Home Solutions, which does siding, drywall, and flooring, said they have been working 14 hours a day.

"Well, right now, on this block,” said David McGee, owner of Int-Ex Home Solutions, “we've probably done about 12 in the last few weeks, which we have about 30 jobs on the board.”

They anticipate about nine or 10 more weeks of work on homes just in the Two Springs neighborhood.

Ramsell said she’s been lucky enough to be able to live in her home during the repairs, but others haven’t been as fortunate.

She said she will be more relieved when the neighbors move back and she’s able to host people at her home for her daughter’s upcoming wedding.

"I'm hoping to have living room furniture for people to sit on when the time comes," she said.

Some residents may have weeks or months before they can return home, but all say they’re glad no one was seriously hurt in the storm.