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Bellevue hopes for new businesses downtown

Posted at 7:25 AM, Jun 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 14:50:54-04

The City of Bellevue is looking for new businesses after city officials moved from a historic section of the town. 

In February, city officials left Old Towne for a larger facility in February, leaving several blocks open for development. Jewelry Store owner Frank Kumor, like many others in the downtown community, are hoping to bring in new tenants to stabilize the area. 

"We need to have just a little bit of foot traffic," he said, "and by not having a vacant building across the street would help an awful lot."

Rusty Hike is running for Mayor and also owns a business in Old Towne, he says increasing the city's tax base without relying on residential homeowners would free up money. His opponent, Dave Wees, agrees but wants the citizens to be involved in deciding what comes to town. 

"What we have to do is have public meetings," he said. "We have to keep the public informed and listen to their concerns. When we do that, projects turn out really good."