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Bellevue pantry in need of donations as school year starts

Posted at 6:54 PM, Aug 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-14 19:54:24-04

BELLEVUE, Neb. (KMTV) — Back to school is a time when many families are in need of things like school supplies but also food. The Bellevue Housing Authority is part of a little program making a big difference for those in need but donations are low right now and they are asking for some help.

It's not the typical place to find a food pantry.

"We try to keep it stocked with things that people might need," says the pantry's Services Coordinator Monica Battreall.

Those items include things like canned goods and other popular foods.

Sometimes we have beef broth, we have macaroni and cheese, potatoes, we have tuna, peanut butter and jelly goes over well," she says.

The philosophy for the free food pantry is simple.

"Take what you need and leave what you can," she says.

Battreall, with the Bellevue Public Housing Authority helps maintain this little, free pantry. For the last five months they've needed some help.

"We've been struggling to keep it loaded since about March" she says.

Since that time, the community has been busy helping in other areas...meaning this local food source isn't as full as it once was.

"After the flood, there was such a need for other things in the community. We keep it stocked here with friends and family members. We just need a really good food drive to keep us going through winter," she says.

With August winding down, now's a time when people might need a few food items to help them get through the month.

"Usually, right around the 22nd, 23rd...things start going a lot faster and we see more turnover in it," says Bellevue Public Housing Authority Executive Director Carolyn Pospisil.

The housing authority wants to build more of these in Bellevue but they have to wait.

"We have two free pantries that are ready to be set up in two different locations but I don't want to put them out without the stock to cover them," Pospisil says.

So they are looking for donations to help cover not only the rest of this month but for other months down the road for people who need it the most.

"Food for children seems to be a big thing this time of year. Dinner meal kits...things where they can make a whole meal with it. Sometimes we try and bag those and keep those on the shelves so if they come in and maybe they're paying the rent or someone says I'm in need of something...we can say we have it." says Battreall.