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Bemis Center exhibitions explore intimacy in time of COVID-19

Posted at 3:06 PM, Apr 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-02 16:06:05-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — “I think that these shows are really personal and they’re dealing with personal issues that I think a lot of people can also sort of have affinity toward, regardless of the fact if you're an art person or not,” said Rachel Adams, Chief Curator and Director of Programs at the Bemis Center.

Intimate Actions at the Bemis Center is made up of three solo exhibitions featuring work by artists Joey Fauerso, Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Maria Antelman.

“They’re all really dealing with intimacy in various ways. You know, the intimacy that you have with your own body as well as the bodies of other people in your lives,” said Adams.

From portraits to sculptures to videos, Adams adds that the exhibitions speak to our relationships, allowing visitors to reflect on the last year and what it means to be human during this time.

“There’s also the fracturing of space that happens. You know, both with Paul’s work and the mirror and the body sort of gets fractured. Joey is really thinking about layers and expanding out from what is known as the typical painting. Maria’s frames are like these diagrammatic frames that are kind of creating stories with the image as well,” Adams said.

Dawaune Lamont Hayes is an artist and facilitator of Public Assembly, a virtual event that gives the community an opportunity to have a broader discussion about the art featured at the Bemis.

“After a year of just being driven apart and really wondering what it means to be close and what it means to connect, Public Assembly is an opportunity to maybe take an art piece, an image, an idea, a concept, and dive into it, pull it apart, and have a robust conversation with other people about it,” said Hayes.

The next event on April 8 will look at Maria Antelman’s exhibition, discussing what it means to be classic.

Hayes adds that supporting Omaha’s creative community is important and Public Assembly is a good entry point.

“We need you and you need us, so let’s work together because we help make the world a more beautiful place,” said Hayes.

Timed tickets are available online for Intimate Actions through April 24.

Visit the Bemis Center website for more information.

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