Ben Sasse holds town hall meeting in Elkhorn

Posted at 11:52 AM, Mar 17, 2017

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse hosted a town hall meeting at  Elkhorn South High School Friday morning.

The room was in full capacity as about 200 people attended the event. 

Each had their own issues they wanted to discuss.

"Proposed Trump budget with all the dramatic cuts that seems to leave us with nothing but a warrior state," said attendee Doris Goembel.

"I want to see him do something, I mean he says he's not a politician - I’d like to see him take that extra step and offer a special commission, a bi-partisan (commission) to investigate conflicts - (Trump's) taxes, Russian interference," said Lee Addams

A few weeks ago, protesters gathered at his Omaha office.

They said at that time that he was not holding enough public events.

Plenty of topics were discussed at the town hall meeting including health care, concerns over President Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.


Another topic that was discussed was extreme vetting. 

Sen. Sasse says there should be more vetting, but it should not be a religious issue.

People in attendance shouted when Sen. Sasse answered health care questions.

Some liked the tension in the room, "It was very contentious. Which I was really glad to see because I think people expect Nebraskans to be calm, submissive and we were not," said attendee April Block.

People were holding red and green cards which meant to they either agreed and disagreed on a topic.