Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting Wraps Up

Posted at 10:30 PM, May 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-07 23:30:39-04

Around 30,000 people came to hear the oracle of Omaha yesterday.  Today Berkshire weekend is wrapping up, and shareholders shared how they spent their last day in Berkyville.

"Well, first I said we should run together, but they were a little slow,” laughed Dennis Nicholson, gesturing to his wife Sy and infant son Connor.

Sy and Dennis are first timers to the Berkshire shareholders meeting.  Sunday morning, they were joined by thousands from all over the world for the Invest in Yourself 5K. 

"Investing in ourselves physically that's going to help us mentally, in our careers, and definitely showing a good example for our son," said Dennis.

The annual race draws thousands of visiting shareholders and local Omahans.  Proceeds benefit Special Olympics Nebraska and Girls, Inc.

Later, racers and non-racers alike got one last chance to interact with Warren Buffett and take advantage of the Borsheim's sales.

"Well, today I limited myself to only something for my daughter.  So, my husband and I just bought some beautiful turquoise, because she loves to wear turquoise," said Charlotte Guyman, Seattle.

The last day was all about fun.  Even Buffett was said to have played a friendly game of ping-pong before going to a bridge game.  

But, according to attendees, it's the message that was truly enriching.

"Pretty enlightening.  A lot of good information that I can use both personally and professionally,” said Sy Nicholson.

"I'm hoping that by the time that I'm almost 87 or 93 that I'll be half as smart as Warren and Charlie," said Guyman.

Long-time shareholder Kiko Davis brought students from Detroit’s Money Matters for Youth program who learned about networking and investing.

"It's like a cult, but in a good way! And everybody so pumped. And it's just great. Omaha is so beautiful; I've never been here and just looking forward to returning next year,” said Davis.