Big Party Morning Show discusses The Grammys

Posted at 12:46 PM, Feb 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-15 13:46:35-05

As music's best singers and musicians prepare to take the stage at The Grammys, the show will be packed with special collaborations and stiff competition.

For the hosts on “The Big Party Morning Show” at Channel 94.1, excitement fills the air as they discussed what to expect at this year’s awards show while reflecting on previous years.

“Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd – those are two I'm really excited about,” Jeff Degan says. “And Kendrick Lamar, he's the one leading all the nominees.”

The hip-hop artist is nominated for 11 categories including Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Rap Performance.

Right on his trail is Taylor Swift and the The Weeknd – both tied with 7 nominations.

While it is nice to have a Grammy placed on your mantle, history shows it does not define your commercial success.

“Remember Lady Gaga got snubbed by The Grammy's,” says Molly Cavanaugh. “She didn't get the Best New Artist when she came out. Neither did Justin Bieber.”

In addition to snubs, the awards show’s history also includes other controversies.

“Didn't Milli Vanilli get it one year? Didn't they have to give it back one year?” Cavanaugh says.

“I think you're right because they were lip-synching,” Big Party says.

Besides winning awards, tonight is all about the musical performances.

“Who’s the live performance you’re most excited for?,” Degan asked.

 “I'm almost ashamed to say – I want to see Justin Bieber. I totally want to see Justin Bieber ,” Big Party says.

While modern-day artists such as Pitbull and John Legend are in their prime, event organizers dedicated a great deal of tributes to  music legends who recently passed away.

“Lady Gaga is going to be performing a tribute to David Bowie and she's obviously taking it to heart because she got a very large tattoo of David Bowie on her rib cage...because that's what you do,” Cavanaugh.

Other tributes include blues singer B.B. King and Glenn Frey from the rock band The Eagles.

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards will air at 7 p.m. CST on KMTV.