Blackstone artwork inspiring positive change

Posted at 6:25 PM, Sep 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 19:25:24-04

You may have noticed large black and white portraits of people on the walls in Blackstone and wondered what it's all about.

It's a public art project aimed to highlight the voices of those who may be seen as underrepresented.

These are people artist Waite White says have stories.

The types of stories he hopes will spark a positive dialogue.

These portraits seen around Blackstone are here to inspire change.

"They have something in them that other people have seen."

Artist Waite White says he's highlighting the voices of underrepresented people who are influencing positive change in Omaha.

"You realize how profound, important and big that is."

They are minorities and people from unique backgrounds who are making a name for themselves.

"They are real people, doing real things in Omaha right now.”

“They are important and they are contributing good things into the world."

"This bag represents so much to me.”

“I carried this bag everywhere during the election."

Maurice Jones ran for city council at just 18 years old.

Something White admires and wants to display.

"I felt even more inspired to keep doing what I'm doing."

White says he's hoping the artwork will sparks conversation.

"This project is about art and has the capacity to be able to communicate across boundaries, to be an agent for change."

An agent for change that reflects White's values and beliefs.

"It's important to have faces up there that don't look like me, and that tell a different story than I am able to tell."

To help raise questions on challenging topics that in return helps move the city forward.

"There are other people that are joining the fight with you to make this world holistically better."

Currently there are only seven but White is hoping to soon have 100 of these portraits around the Blackstone area.

They will stay up for at least 10 years then eventually fade.