Blum sentenced in Bellevue sex trafficking case

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 19:19:45-04

Sarpy County District Court Judge Stephanie Martinez sentences Jesse Blum, 23, to the maximum 4 years in prison for sex trafficking a female.   He’s also connected to sex trafficking a minor.

Blum’s sentence will begin after he’s finished serving a 3 year prison term for a felony theft conviction in Douglas County.

May 2016, Blum served as a “pimp” for co-defendant Kylie Ray.  Branden Felt has also made a plea in the sex crime case.

Prosecutors say Blum also sex trafficked a 15-year-old girl.  Ray and Felt set up a ad for the minor and trafficked her out of a Bellevue motel.  They also forced her to have sex with men in Omaha.

“The court has those reports from the police that show that the defendant (Blum) willingly trying to set up clients for prostitutes and bragging about it and saying that I have prostitutes I’m trying to have people come have sex with them.  So him saying that he has no knowledge, about anything, or how does this work, or he wasn’t involved is not true,” said Sarpy Co. Deputy Attorney Phil Kleine.

Ray was sentenced to 2 years probation by a different judge.  Felt will find out his punishment later in June.