Both sides of marriage equality, one year later

Posted at 11:35 AM, May 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 12:37:42-04

Prior to the U.S. Supreme court legalizing Same-sex gay marriage last June, Nebraska was one of 13 states that banned same-sex unions.

While that ban has been lifted...some couples say the fight isn't over.

And those on the religious right...agree.

Nickolas Kramer and Jason Cadek are living the American dream.

In the center of that their little girl Alice.

 After fighting the state of Nebraska for more than a decade to have their relationship legally recognized.. Kramer and Cadek's battle ended on June 26th last year with a ruling by the u-s supreme court.

The American civil liberties union of Nebraska worked closely with Cadek and Kramer...and other gay couples during Nebraska’s ban on same-sex marriage.  

With the one-year anniversary of same-sex marriage less than a month away, the fight for marriage equality isn't quite over.

Earlier this year, Nebraska lawmakers introduced a protect faith-based agencies from being penalized for refusing services to same-sex couples.

Bill supporters fought hard to get it passed.

For faith-based organizations like the Nebraska family alliance -- the battle hasn't changed.

But their tactics have with religious freedom bills.

The bill along with another a protective clause for work discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identification failed.

 The ACLU says nearly 200 bills have been introduced in state legislatures...threatening the dream Kramer and Cadek finally obtained.

Those on the religious right say the church isn't meddling with government.

 But its government meddling with religion...hence they need the protection.

How far those protections go depends on whom you ask.