Break-ins, vandalism in Northwest Omaha neighborhood

Posted at 10:18 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 23:18:15-04

A Northwest Omaha neighborhood has been dealing with an increase in crime.

The Hillsborough Neighborhood near 144th and Maple has been dealing with their houses being egged, but in the last few weeks they have had a whole new issue.

“We put cameras up because we wanted to catch the kids that were egging the cars, it didn't take long before we found someone breaking into our cars,” said Tiffany Kiley.

Kiley, whose husband is an OPD officer, said they were shocked to see someone on their surveillance video rummaging through their cars and taking a tool box. She said luckily that man was caught by police, but the neighborhood is still dealing with break-ins.

“It sounds like there were four or five over the weekend and they smashed windows, went into garages, and it is scary since you are right upstairs sleeping,” she said.

David Friend, who lives right down the street, said he heard about the reports of crime in the area.

“This neighborhood seems to be getting targeted.”

His parent’s house was a BB gun target one night and shattered their front door.

He said it may be kids causing all the trouble, “You can speculate and say it was kids, and it probably is, but as a teenager I have never broken into people's cars, that is kind of crossing the line.”

Kiley said the neighborhood is trying to look out for one another and will post on social media.

“People are posting that, or what to watch out for, or if they see something out of the norm, then we kind of pass it around to each other,” she said.

And her security camera was able to help catch one thief in the area and she hopes other neighbors will use the same tool to help stop the others.

“We were able to catch the guy right away because we had the cameras. I think that is the best deterrent you can do, and just looking out for each other.”