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Businesses learn how to react to active shooter

Posted at 5:48 PM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 18:48:13-05

The Von Maur shooting in Omaha ten years ago is still fresh in people's minds today.

"An active shooter is coming into the workplace to kill people, that’s their only mission," said Steve Danon.

Risk Control and Safety instructor Steve Danon says that shooting helped form a better evacuation plan for businesses today.

"It is important for business owners to know that they have a legal requirement to provide a safe work place for their employees," said Danon. 

With only three options run, hide or fight.

Danon says employees must get out as soon as possible.

"If you can’t get out safely than you hide, and the last case, worst case scenario, you confront the killer,” said Danon.

“You attack them because they will kill you," said Danon.

Danon says an active shooting situation typically only lasts about three to five minutes, and is over long before police arrive.

"Their employees have a plan on how to deal with a horrific event like this," said Danon.

Businesses sat in looking for ways to update their current safety plan.

"Put it out to employees so they know what to do whether they are here or out at a shopping mall, they know what to do to protect themselves," said Jim Nelson.

With the number of mass shootings going up, Danon says these classes are becoming more popular. 

"With recent occurrences across the country, the attendance has increased substantially," said Danon.