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Busy weekend for The Capitol District

Posted at 10:29 PM, May 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-05 23:29:04-04

For many businesses this Berkshire Hathaway weekend was a chance to make money and showcase what they do best.

It's the first chance for Omaha's new Capitol District to see big crowds and good weather.

People from all over the world are here in Omaha experiencing the city's latest tourist draw.

"It's great, it's very modern, it's updated and seems like a place for young people to come and hangout," said Margo Helbig.

Margo Helbig is here from St Louis, Missouri for Berkshire Hathaway weekend. 

She gives the Capitol District high marks.

"I like the close vicinity of all the restaurants and bars being right next to each other," said Helbig.

That's just what The District's developers say they like to hear.

"Ultimately our biggest goal is to get the out of towners a little more comfortable with The District so when they come back it's their go to spot," said Rachel Halbmaier.

Events Director Rachel Halbmaier says the bars have been packed all weekend.

"We haven't really seen our plaza in action since St Patrick's Day, so I think this weekend is the best to see people hanging outside, having a drink just enjoying the atmosphere," said Halbmaier.

Halbmaier says she credits the beautiful weather.

"We've been pretty busy and nothing like NCAA weekend, were it was cold and rainy, we are thankful for good weather," said Halbmaier.

The warmer temperatures are helping by giving people the options of sitting outside.

"The drinks are great the atmosphere is fun," said Helbig.

Which is keeping businesses busy.

"It's kind of hectic but exciting, it's an exciting time for Omaha," said Tom White.

They are scoring big with visitors.

"I feel like i'm in college again," said Helbig.