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Camisha Hollis prayer vigil

Posted: 10:39 PM, Apr 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-09 03:39:59Z

People close to Camisha say she's a kind person who always has something positive to say.

Her mother Martha Hollis says it's Camisha's kindhearted spirit that has so many people working to help bring her home.

"I'm with a search team, we are looking for Camisha, I don't know if you heard on the news or not?"

It's been nearly a week since Camisha Hollis went missing.

"I love her and I want her found," said Julie Russell.

Search teams have been out all week, knocking on doors, handing out flyers and spreading the word, hoping to find answers on where she might be.

"Bring her home to her family and friends, most of all her young three children who need her and miss her," said Russell.

Russell is Camisha's coworker, she says being a part of this search was something she had to do.

"It's very important for me," said Russell.

Going door to door near Camisha's home, showing her picture, asking what neighbors know or may have heard.

Camisha's mother says it's the community support keeping her strong.

"It's very helpful, it's what's keeping me going, a lot of people are concerned about her wellbeing," said Martha Hollis.

People coming together to pray for the family, as they hope for the best but expect the worst.

"As the days go by, I don't hear from her, or they don't find her it's getting to me," said Hollis.

Still not giving up on a miracle, that Camisha be brought home alive.

"Believing God can turn tragic into a blessing," said Hollis.

So that the family and her three children can finally have closure.

"Camisha wherever you are, we are going to bring you home to your family and frieds, we love you," said Russell.

Camisha's mother Martha Hollis says it still does not feel real, but she's very thankful for the community's support.

She says Camisha's children are doing just fine.

Anyone with any information should call Crime Stoppers at 444-7867.