Carter Lake to host thousands of triathlon athletes this weekend

Posted at 5:57 PM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 18:57:23-04

This weekend over 4,000 athletes will compete in the USA Triathlon at Carter Lake.

Organizers will set up all week long for the next big sporting event in the Omaha area.

The athletes will come from all across county and will bring family and friends to watch.

“In terms of the spectators, the families that are coming, it’s very much a vacation destination, so they will bring the entire family to go to the zoo and other major attractions around town,” said USA Triathlon Events Director Brian D’amico.

He said the event will bring in over $10 million to the city, but right now they need help filling volunteer spots.

“All volunteers get a t-shirt, fed, drinks, and kind of pampered on sight because we appreciate their help,” said D’amico.

Organizers started to transform Carter Lake on Tuesday. There will be tents for vendors and food trucks will be on site for people who come to watch.

D'amico said that Omaha will host the triathlon for the next two years.

“So far everything has been great this year, looking forward to not only this year but next year as well.”

For event times and parking information, you can click here.